Our Story

Charcoal Restaurant is based on a single premise: Fine dining at affordable prices. We serve great food and wine with excellent service in an elegant, contemporary atmosphere. The Charcoal Restaurant team is committed to giving guests an unforgettable experience.

MODERN CUISINE: We serve contemporary European cuisine cooked with classic and innovative techniques.

CLASSIC STYLE:  Executive Chef Patrik Landberg's extensive culinary credentials makes Charcoal Restaurant a fine dining experience of the highest caliber. The kitchen only uses high-quality ingredients prepared in a simple and clear presentation style. Our goal is to let the primary ingredient be the star, so we do not mask it with too much sauce or garnish. Our culinary creations are carefully prepared to be as flavorful and healthy as possible. The menu allows you to choose from small bites, appetizers and full-size entrees.

INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUES: We use a custom-designed "Bincho" grill. Bincho cooking originated near the 8th century and, while used throughout Asia, is often identified with Japan. Producing Bincho charcoal is time-consuming and involves multiple refining steps of burning the wood over a kiln until it reaches temperatures of 2,400 degrees and undergoes several days of curing. The result is charcoal that burns at an extremely high temperature and is virtually smokeless in comparison to other charcoal. We only use charcoal that comes from sustainable forests and contains no fillers or volatile substances - just pure hardwood. The high temperature ensures that food is cooked more quickly. Meat is crispy on the outside, yet tender on the inside. Vegetables retain their flavor. Many of our signature dishes are prepared on the Bincho grill.

EXCELLENT SERVICE:  Our staff, led by Front of the House Manager, Christopher Keller, are not pretentious nor overly formal. They are trained to help you relax and enjoy your dining experience while providing informed service. Our team takes pride in treating all customers with warmth and respect.

WINE SELECTION:  The pretentiousness and often stratospheric price makes wine, for many, a special occasion. At Charcoal Restaurant, we make great wines more accessible. you can order a flight, half pour, full pour or bottle at affordable prices. We choose our wine, not just on taste, but also on what offers great customer value. Our custom-designed Napa wine dispenser allows you to sample many wines by the glass.

ELEGANT ATMOSPHERE:  Charcoal Restaurant is refined, yet comfortable. A mixture of old and new. Relax in the patio, lounge, bar, dining room or exhibition grill. And for a truly exquisite experience, reserve our private dining room. For an interactive experience, sit at our chef's table where you can enjoy the culinary expertise of Chef Landberg and his team. Our decor includes antique chandeliers from South America. We pay attention to the details: we have changing tables in the bathrooms and purse hooks throughout the restaurant. The sound system varies the acoustic levels throughout the restaurant to ensure that you can hear the music - and your conversation.

We are proud to be a neighborhood favorite in the Golden Triangle near downtown Denver, Colorado.

"My family loves to eat out but there are few places on which we all agree. Charcoal is one. The Swedish influence on each dish makes it just a bit unusual and the service is top shelf too."
Charcoal Restaurant

43 West Ninth Avenue
Denver, CO 80204
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